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Are you a first-time seller in Kyle who has caught themselves up in the complications of selling? Many who try to go the For Sale By Owner route find that there are many more obstacles than they had initially expected. After all, there are mountains of complicated paperwork to navigate, and that's just for contract signing! Why not let a professional help?

Hiring a real estate agent to be your seller's representative will save you so much time, money, and stress! A seller's agent will have you relaxing and only answering significant questions like, "do you like this offer?" Think of what you could do with the time you'd generally spend poring over documents and fielding questions about the property at all hours of the day. You'll have the peace of mind of not having to be bothered by every single item all the time.

Your agent will work for a commission, usually two percent of the sale price, at the benefit of you not having to do any of the work yourself. The cost-benefit analysis here is specific: hiring an agent will save you money and time in the long run because your house will sell by itself! Play the real estate game the easy way and get in with an accomplished seller.

I believe every first-time seller in Kyle should seek out my help. I’m Mark Abee, REALTOR®, and it’s my goal to help make your real estate transactions smooth and profitable. This way, when you need more help some years down the line, you’ll remember my smiling face and excellent service, and call me again! Reach out to my office today for a free consultation.

  • Are you a nervous first-time seller in Kyle?

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