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When it comes to things that increase the amount of stress in one’s life, relocation to Tuscola does not need to be one of them. My name is Mark Abee, REALTOR®, and I am an expert in helping my clients transition smoothly from their old place of residence to their fantastic new one here in Texas. You won’t need to worry about a thing when you choose to work with me to get yourself relocated!

You have a life to deal with already. Likely your relocation comes from a new position or job, which means you have readjusting to do in that aspect. You also have your family to care for, and a social life to try to maintain. Each of these things is vitally important to a successful lifestyle, and they each take up a certain amount of attention and work to upkeep.

So, why add on the stress of buying a new home, selling your old one, canceling all your utilities and services, and moving to a new place just to reinstate all of them? That's what I'm here to do! When you work with me for your move, I'll take care of all the work behind the curtain for the real estate portion of it. You can live your life uninterrupted because I'll be there to deal with the sale and purchase, as well as any complicated paperwork and negotiations.

Let me help you with your relocation to Tuscola, and you’ll have the smoothest transition of your life. You won’t have to stress over anything, from the big hefty decisions to the tiny details. I’m here to make your life [email protected]! Call my office today to schedule your relocation consultation, free!

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